Maurizio Molin.

I am a professional artist/designer who had been living in the US for the past few years.
I had inspired by the new space surrounding me, I tried to find a new means of expression through painting. My work can be understood in tiers: from a primitive search for my “id”.
I tend to re-organise my irrational and wild side through creative solutions dominated by the discipline dictated by a designer’s rationality. While I was living abroad, some of my work was shown in contemporary art exhibits and I shared experiences with emerging artists .
As creative director for Burton Snowboard in the US , today I work from my studio in Venice and continue to express my creativity with the kind of professional collaborations that stimulate my sense of inventiveness.


Cell: +39 347 5487622
Casa Editrice el Squero is pleased to present the book DOTS by Maurizio Molin.
It is fascinating to discover the work of Maurizio Molin is when he turns his attention to the world of design and worked for important companies in the fashion and sports that led him to many different markets gaining an international vision, both when, inspired by new spaces that surround it find a new expression of himself through painting.
Look out for a release in the coming weeks through Editrice el Squero.